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Filling Machine

Drum Lifter Scale

Easy to use movable Drum Lifter Scale.

With built-in load cells and display indicator you can measure drums any time at any location. Ideal for low volume decanting work.

Exceptional Operability.

The raising and lowering of a drum is accomplished with a dependable hydraulic mechanism foot pedal. The ability to do two operations at the same time, dumping and measuring boosts operating efficiency.


The dumper is equipped with various standard safety mechanisms.

Explosion Proof Version Available.


Pail Filler (30 KG x 0.01 KG)

Highly accurate and simple to maintain and operate machine is designed to provide a variety of filling methods to handle virtually any viscosity of product. Contact parts can range from teflon to stainless. Intrinsic safety housing construction is built to handle flammable products with hazardous location.

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Capacity :

30 kg x 0.01 kg

Product Pressure :

Gravity or positive displacement pump

Filling Speed :

Depending on product viscosity

Power Requirements :

AC 220V, 1ph, 50/60 Hz

Air Requirements :

6-7 Kg /cm² at 0.2m³

Fill Head :

Multi port or single port nozzle

Flow Valves :

Full flow and dribble flow fill



Semi Automatic Drums Filling Machines
Fully microprocessor control - For open top drums and drums with bungholes
Two stage full flow and dribble fill
Auto taring NET fill. No tare GROSS fill
No drum no fill
Auto height adjust drum clamp assembly
Bottom fill for any free flowing or hazardous liquids
Non-drip nozzle and automatic drip tray
Auto shut and fail safe on power or air supply failure
Premature ascent interlock before the fill cycle is completed
Contact parts-stainless steel and teflon
Heavy duty gravity roller conveyor on scale platform
Fully electronic load cell
Intrinsically safe version
Gas enclosure hood
Sanitary type
Multi port fill nozzle
Management data system